GlobalG.A.P. promotes Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and as such is committed to supporting food safety and sustainability in the agricultural, livestock and aquaculture supply chains. Compliance with GlobalG.A.P. standards ensures that food products are safe and farmed or raised in a sustainable manner. It aims to ensure that environmental impacts of farming operations are minimised, chemical inputs are reduced and that through every aspect of the production process worker health and safety and animal welfare have been considered. It covers all aspects of the production process up to the farm gate.

Fresh fruit and vegetables, propagation material, integrated farm assurance (livestock, dairy, pigs, poultry, combinable crops and grains, tea, coffee and aquaculture) and flowers and ornamentals are all covered by the standard.

Members of GlobalG.A.P. are made up of farmers, ranchers, product marketing organisations, grower’s co-operatives, food manufacturers and retailers. The standard and the certification is approved by the Technical and Standards Committees for each product sector: crops; livestock; and aquaculture. These committees are supported by FoodPLUS, which is the GlobalG.A.P. secretariat based in Germany.

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STANDARDS by SGS. GLOBALGAP is covered on p.14-16

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