The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is the leading trade body for UK retailers that represents 90 percent of the retail sector. The BRC has developed a set of Global Standards, which are international product safety and quality certification programmes that currently certify suppliers in more than 100 countries. Retailers and manufacturers around the world use the BRC standards as their chosen approved standards for suppliers. The BRC covers the supply chain with four related standards:

• BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

• BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution

• BRC IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

• BRC Global Standard for Consumer Products

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was developed with the objective of specifying the safety, quality and operational criteria required for food manufacturers to comply with regulations and protect consumers. It was one of the very first standards recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The standard covers topics such as: the HACCP system; quality management; factory environment standards; and product and process control. Further details on the standard’s requirements are not available since the standard needs to be purchased. Scope: The standard is meant for use by food service companies, catering companies and food manufacturers. It covers the supply of retailer-branded products, branded food products and processed or prepared food or ingredients.

For an excellent overview of BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and comparison to a whole series of food safety initiatives, Read COMPARING GLOBAL FOOD SAFETY INITIATIVE STANDARDS by SGS. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is covered on p.5-6

In addition, you may wish to consult Sutainability Map for more updates and private standard comparisons.